Don't Get Lowballed on Your Trade-in! Score Maximum Value for Your Old Clunk

Get Top Dollar on Trades at Drive!

Research Local Value

Before coming to Drive, know what your vehicle's worth by checking listings for similar models and mileage selling in Leachville. This arms you with accurate value data for our area specifically.

Get Multiple Appraisals

Even between our knowledgable used car, truck and SUV appraisers, valuation on trades may differ. So shop your vehicle around between our sales experts for a range. And get Carmax’s no haggle offer too, for even more data points.

Negotiate Vehicle Price First

When you’ve found the right used car, truck or SUV for you on our Drive lot, negotiate the purchase price first before ever mentioning your trade. This ensures you get the best possible DEAL on your new-to-you vehicle!

Use Competing Offers

Once purchase price is locked, reveal details on your trade. If you have better offers from other dealers in town, share them! Our team will step up and beat those other numbers to earn your business.

Time it Right

Inventory turns over fast on our lot, meaning more incentives for you. As seasons change and demand shifts, our motivated team gets even more motivated to make deals happen. More for yours, means more for YOU!

Follow these tips and trade up to your next used vehicle at Drive while getting every dollar your old one’s worth! Call or swing by the lot today to get the Leachville’s best DEALS!